Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Valathandu Juice or Banana Stem Juice - Nature's remedy for kidney stones

Banana stem or valathandu has many medicinal properties, but it is believed that it is the excellent natural remedy for kidney stones and this does not mean only people with kidney stone problem should eat it, anyone can take it. Valathandu when taken raw is more beneficial than cooked. Here is a simple recipe to prepare valathandu juice

#1: Remove the outer stem from the banana stem.

#2: Cut the inner stem into small pieces.

#3: Grind the pieces along with water and filter it. Now the juice is ready.

Note: You can even add sugar to this juice. Banana stem of about 10 to 15 cms is enough for this juice. Drink this juice once in a month. I tested this juice on my husband, he said that it tastes really horrible, but as it is beneficial for health, he drank it without leaving a drop.

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  1. u can squeeze half lemon to it while grinding and a pinch of salt



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