Saturday, April 9, 2011

Natural ways to remove yellow stains from teeth?

Teeth is very important for your beautiful smile. Therefore you have to take care of your teeth just like you do for other body parts. Here are few tips to remove yellow stains from your teeth.

#1: Always use a soft bristle tooth brush to clean your teeth, brush twice a day.

#2:The main causes for these stains are foods, drinks, and even smoking. Better avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. After taking foods and fruit drinks, take a glass of water as it helps in removing all the small food items struck in your teeth.

#3: It seems brushing your teeth with baking soda actually works in removing stains. After brushing with baking soda, again brush with tooth paste. (I have not tried this method).

#4: Strawberry pulp is the natural bleaching agent, you can brush with this pulp.

Note: Tooth enamel is very fragile, you have to take extra care while trying this method to avoid any serious damage to your tooth.

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